EmmeBi is a family business, which was founded in Italy in 1971.

The company’s primary focus has always been on the manufacturing of quality, innovative products.

Nowadays, the collection includes a wide range of different products, such as wardrobes, walk- in closets, beds, bedside tables, bookcases, drawer units, freestanding pieces, shelving and day systems.

All the products are offered in a large choice of materials, sizes and particularly finishes with a wide range of colours (28 standard colours for mat lacquer, as well as choices for glossy glass and different veneer woods).

The company is proud of its strong roots in the Brianza region of Italy, where value and traditions are of great importance and where the working culture is very strong.

This way of thinking is reflected in EmmeBi’s production : nowadays, new production technologies and machines support manual processes, technology supports craftsmanship, resulting in high quality products, characterised by the use of precious and innovative materials.

Each step, from the prototype to the finished product is characterised by the perfect balance between handicraft activities and carefully checked and tested industrial processes.

The ultimate aim is long-lasting high quality products.

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