String Furniture

The String System was designed in 1949 by Swedish architect Nils Strinning and is still manufactured in Sweden.

This minimalist, modular shelving system consists of a series of components and classic wire panels that offer almost unlimited combinations.

A wide choice of colours and materials are available to build your own, personal shelving system, based on standard widths of 60cm and 80cm and two depths of 20cm and 30cm.

The String System has now been complemented by the following two additions to the range, both of which have been designed by Anna Von Schewen and Bjorn Dahlstrom:

String Works

A range of height adjustable desks, storage units and filing cabinets, which are ideal for a flexible and contemporary work environment.

String +

A series of functional accessories for the String System and String Works. This range includes Organisers, Wall Grids, Hanging Rods, Hooks and Magazine Holders.

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