Founded in 1878, Fornasarig follows a long artisanal tradition.  The Italian company is managed by a family that has evolved its inherited tradition with passion, knowledge, competence and innovation.

Fornasarig works with designers to produce chairs that are eco and consumer friendly. The company has a commitment to the environment involving a conscious use of raw materials, starting from the beech and oak wood sourced exclusively from European forests sustainably managed under the strict FSC standard rules.  Whenever practically possible every last bit of hardwood is used for the Italian production and wood scraps are always recycled.

 Recently, the company has introduced the use of metal in some of the chair structures, in order to optimize space and costs for contract orders (greater stackability, lightness, reduced size).

For upholstering, Fornasarig use fabrics from Kvadrat and Gabriel.  Both are companies who produce fabrics of the best quality, focusing on the continuous reduction of environmental impact.

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