Below are some of the exciting new additions introduced for 2021 by the ranges we represent:


String have launched some new pieces and smart additions to their product range for 2021:

String Pocket Sage

A strong yet elegant colour

Cabinet with Swing Door

A new String® System cabinet that is only 58cm wide, offering new possibilities for more compact storage.

Media Shelf

The media shelf has been produced to give the vinyl record player a designated spot, but, with a place to hide cables easily, it is suitable for anything from computers to turntables or TVs to toasters.

Free-standing Galvanised Shelf

This free-standing shelf intended for outdoor use from String® System fits equally well on a smaller balcony as on a larger terrace.

Works™ Table frame

A new fixed height table frame to complement the successful height adjustable Works™ desk and accessories.


Cell is an award-winning shelving system with a high-tech construction and elegant design.  Peter Cohen’s unique design allows its slender wires and strong, thin shelves to not only be able to carry heavyweight literature but also offers a simple and beautiful solution for displaying your favourite possessions.

Cork Accessories

Bottle Tray, Divider and Underlay

Other Additions

Plate Rack, Organisers and Accessories

Milano Bedding

Launched towards the end of 2020, Vivien, Victoria and Mingus are the latest additions to the Milano Bedding range.

Vivien is a sofa with a rounded backrest which continues into the armrest, and, like many of Milano Bedding’s sofabeds, converts simply into a traditional bed without the need to remove any of the cushions.

Victoria is an upholstered bed that fits beautifully into modern and contemporary environments.

Mingus is a sofabed featuring clean lines and seams that enhance its character.

Mode Luce


Available as a pendant or ceiling lamp, Peggy, from Modo Luce, illuminates any space with its double light source.  Designed by BMB Progetti the fabric version of the disc is both eye-catching and functional as Peggy is produced using sound absorbing materials.